It’s been a couple of weeks since the Prime Minster and the three First Ministers outlined the various steps out of the restrictions from the Covid-19 outbreak and our last update. In that time, there has been a significant upturn in the re-opening enquiries we have received, particularly off the back of the news and national media stories on the legionella risk from fully and partially closed buildings.

Our message remains the same, speak to your account manager, talk through what control measures, if any, have been in place during the lockdown and they can guide you on the most appropriate path to re-opening.

The LCA have issued some updated guidance which we have enclosed with this letter and there has been some legionella risk documentation from the HSE, which can be obtained from the link below:

Once you have established the process and protocols for re-opening the workplaces, please do bear in mind that the demand on the water system may be less if you are opening in a reduced capacity. Be sure to review your legionella written scheme and add any new little used outlets to any flushing regime you have.

We are still concerned about a potential backlog when workplaces do start to return, particularly for those who have been completed closed. The water system should be checked and readied for a safe return before you start bringing people in to make new arrangements such as screens, walk routes, desk spacing etc ahead of a full re- opening.

Our critical property matrix hasn’t changed since the last update on 12th May, we will be reviewing this once we have established the level of buildings re-opening next week and through June.

As has been the message from day one, we must continue to keep ours and your people safe, more now than ever we mustn’t get complacent as we prepare to return to work. Thank you all for helping our staff to work safely in your buildings and please stay safe yourselves.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Hartley
Managing Director

Click here to read the LCA Guidance