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1. The prices quoted are valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days from date of quotation.

2. The prices quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax, which will be charged at the rate applicable to the supply date.

3. Alchem Industries’ payment terms are 30 days net monthly unless agreed differently in writing with the Customer.

4. Delivery of chemicals will normally be completed 10 working days for bulk delivery and 5 working days for drum delivery from receipt of a customer written order
    instruction, unless specifically stated or agreed otherwise in writing.

5. All goods supplied remain the property of Alchem Industries until paid for in full.

6. Any chemicals included in the quotation will be delivered to the Customer free of charge at times to be agreed unless carriage is quoted separately.

7. In the event that additional or other chemicals are needed whether because of incorrect information given to Alchem Industries limited, or because of changing system
    conditions, such extra chemicals will be deemed outside the scope of the quotation and will be chargeable at current list prices.

8. Service calls will consist of routine testing and reporting only. Additional call-outs or abortive calls not of a routine nature will be fully chargeable at current rates.

9. Whilst Alchem Industries Limited will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the services and materials to be provided by them under this quotation are provided without
     undue delay, Alchem Industries will not be liable for any delay or failure occurring due to circumstances outside their reasonable control.

10. Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that the chemical treatment programme (where applicable) is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, it is the
       responsibility of the Customer to provide Alchem Industries Limited with details of all system components prior to commencement of any works, i.e. steel, iron, copper,
       aluminium, etc.

11. Where works are to be carried out involving drainage of water, Alchem Industries will proceed on the understanding that all drains are mechanically sound and free of
       blockages, unless specifically advised otherwise, in writing, by the Customer. Alchem will accept no liability for any damages caused as a result of defective drainage.

12. The Customer shall provide for the disposal of effluent created by the products or services of  Alchem Industries Limited and ensure that the means of disposal, and that
       relevant discharge consents have been granted to the Customer by the relevant Statutory Body or Enforcement Agency.

13. The Customer agrees to operate the systems strictly in accordance with the advice and instructions of Alchem Industries Limited. No liability will be accepted for any loss or
       damage arising as a result of the Customers failure to comply with this requirement.

14. Alchem Industries will not be liable for any consequences of any act or omission under this quotation where such act or omission arose either directly or indirectly from the
       provision of inaccurate or incomplete information by the Customer.

15. It is the responsibility of the Customer to advise Alchem Industries as to the full extent of any system(s) upon which works are to be carried out, and to advise all building
       occupants when works are to be carried out, in the interests of Health & Safety, to ensure that system(s) remain unused throughout any works.

16. Under no circumstances will Alchem Industries Limited be liable for loss of use, or of profit, or of any quotation that may be suffered by the Customer.

17. All information supplied by Alchem Industries including but not limited to details and costs of our products and services, shall be regarded by the Customer as confidential
       and will remain the property of  Alchem. This information will not be divulged or revealed by the Customer to any third party without the prior knowledge and written
       agreement of  Alchem Industries Limited

18. The Alchem Industries Limited contract will commence on the specified date and shall continue until the specified date of expiry. Termination of the contract before the date
       of expiry may be exercised by either party by giving 3 months’ notice in writing.If for any reason your contract has expired and you have not provided us with another order
       number, then Alchem Industries Limited reserve the right to invoice for chemicals/services provided against our current price lists.

19. Alchem Industries Limited shall be entitled to immediately cancel the agreement to provide products and services with the Customer in the event of:
  a)  The customer not complying with any written recommendation provided by Alchem Industries Limited during the course of the agreement.
  b)  Any outstanding debt due to Alchem in respect of products/services provided remaining outstanding for more than 30 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise
        agreed in writing between Alchem and the Customer.
  c)  The Customer becoming bankrupt or committing any act of bankruptcy, or put into liquidation, or have a receiver appointed, or have an administration order made

20. All drawings, illustrations, etc. accompanying quotations, brochures, etc. must be regarded as approximate and are not binding in detail unless stated so to be. All weights,
       measurements and capacities and other particulars specified by Alchem Industries Limited stated in good faith, but deviations from these will not affect the agreement or be
       made the basis of any claim against Alchem Industries Limited.

21. The agreements made between the Customer and Alchem Industries Limited shall in all respects be construed and operated as an English contract, and in conformity with
       English Law
Credit Management - Credit Control Manager
Sue Mannion joined Alchem Industries as Credit Control Manager working closely with the Financial and Operations Managers.

The UK business sector is universally recognised as having an incredibly slow payment culture and Sue brings exceptional communication skills to ensure we receive our money in time while maintaining good Customer relationships.
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