Consultancy Services and L8 compliance

Alchem Industries are able to offer a comprehensive and L8 compliance package.

Consultancy services
• Water savings and process systems
• Alternative water supplies
• Water recycling
• Energy savings on steam boiler plant
• Costs savings by installation of water purification systems
• Water Safety Plans and Water Safety Groups

ACOP (L-8) compliance
• Preparation of written schemes for control of Legionella
• Independent auditing of L8 control on sites:
   - Auditing
   - Desk top reviews
   - Inspections of plant
   - Sampling and independent validation of results

Alchem Industries offer a range of water treatment and Legionella training courses to a wide range of customers throughout the UK.

All our training courses can be delivered either at our Altrincham training centre, on-site at your own premises or at a location convenient to you. This cost effective approach to staff training helps to reduce costs and minimize disruption to your business, saving you and your staff valuable time away from your work environment.

Water treatment
Alchem Industries offer various customized boiler, cooling and closed system water treatment training courses specifically for engineers.
Each course has been developed by a team of highly experienced chemists and water treatment professionals. The content included in each course is designed to offer practical advice and support and cover a range of issues. These include water chemistry, water sampling and analysis procedures,  boiler and cooling water system treatment and chemical dosing.

Legionella awareness
Under the requirements of the current ACOP(L-8) guidelines, those who are appointed to carry out the control measures and strategies should be suitably informed, instructed and trained to a standard which ensures tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner.

Our Duty Holder and Responsible Person course explains in detail what you need to know as the Duty Holder or Responsible Person, how to be compliant with current legislation and what records should be kept and for how long. It covers the risk factors, legislation, compliance with legislation and your responsibilities.

Our Legionella awareness for Operators ensures maintenance staff are competent to undertake the tasks required and includes the background to Legionnares disease, a review of current ACOP(L-8) guidelines from a practical perspective and how to undertake the tasks detailed in the written scheme.

Introduction to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and its control within healthcare premises
This course is aimed at all those involved in the day to day running and management of healthcare premises. It covers Pseudomonas contamination of water supplies and outlets. It also assesses the risk to patients and how to make an action plan if the system gets infected.

Services and Products - Training and Consultancy
Examples of training modules:

- Legionella training Duty Holder and Responsible Person
- Legionella training operational personnel
- Cooling water treatment
- Boiler water treatment
- Closed heating and chilled systems water treatment
- Chemical and microbiological analysis
- Water sources and potential pseudomonas aeruginosa         
   contamination of taps and water systems
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