Water possesses almost unrivaled capabilities as a versatile and economical tool for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. Whilst the characteristics of water and its general availability have not changed, the economic climate has. The costs of taking clean water and disposing of effluent continue to rise.

There has also been public concern in recent years about the occurrence of the Legionella bacteria in water systems, which has led to the Health and Safety authorities taking specific actions to raise awareness and reduce the risk of Legionnairesídisease.

Alchem Industries is a specialist company providing high quality water treatment and environmental services across a wide range of industrial sectors. Our approach is very much hands-on, founded on understanding your needs and processes, solving problems, communicating actions and achieving results.

We will work safely and efficiently, providing accurate and concise paperwork.
We operate our own environmental services team and only use subcontracted labour in very specific cases and when requested by the customer
Safety is our number 1 priority in all aspects of our operations. It is critical when working at customerís sites that all aspects of safety are taken into account. For this reason Alchem operate a total safety culture and ensure our people are fully trained and certified in the necessary safety procedures and operations.
Our Operations Team plan, control and certificate all of our operations.

We have an effective and efficient administration team. They offer reliable, high quality support to our customers and ensure we deliver all of our promises

"We are pleased to announce that Becky, Louise & Dionne have joined our Operations Team and from now on share thier invaluable experience with the team"
Alchem Industries on-site staff are accredited to CSCS Health&Safety (CITB Construction Skills) and carry the SPA safety passport for contractors
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