Testing of water is an essential part of any treatment regime.

At Alchem Industries we are knowledgeable in chemistry, engineering, water quality, water treatment and microbiology.

Following ACOP(L-8) guidelines, microbiological activity in cooling tower water should be tested on a weekly basis. The most common method to measure microbiological activity within a cooling system is to use a dipslide. If the control strategy is effective, dipslide counts should be consistently low. Ongoing high microbiological counts will need to be checked by laboratory-based Total Aerobic Colony Counts (TACC’s).

In addition cooling tower water should be tested quarterly for the presence of Legionella bacteria to ensure effective control is being achieved by the routine water treatment.

Microbiological sampling of water storage tanks > 1,000 litres should be carried out on a 6-monthly basis (BS8558) or in case of taste or odour problems in domestic hot and cold water services to ensure the water is of potable quality.
Services and Products - Microbiological Sampling and Analytical Testing
Alchem Industries offer a comprehensive chemical and microbiological analytical service. This includes analyses of environmental, process and domestic water samples.

All analyses are carried out by independent UKAS accredited laboratories.

Results together with interpretation, opinion and recommendations for remedial action are confirmed in writing.

Legionella sampling on domestic water system should be carried out :

    • in systems where control levels of the treatment regime (e.g. temperature, biocide levels) are not being  consistently achieved
    • when an outbreak is suspected or has been identified
    • in hospital wards with "at risk" patients (e.g. those immunologically compromised)
    • based on conclusions reached in the risk assessment

Water sampling for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa will only be undertaken by staff trained in the appropriate technique. Sampling will include a pre-flush  sample of water delivered from a tap following a time of no use. This will normally mean sampling in the early hours of the morning.
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