Alchem Industries provide an on line reporting facility which is accessed through the customer log-in button on the Alchem Industries website. The client is provided with a unique sign on profile which ensures that the information is secure.

The on line reporting system is a bespoke design which enables the information to be formatted and configured to meet the exact requirements of the client.
Services and Products - Electronic Monitoring

Alchem Industries launched their electronic reporting system back in January of this year.

The system has now been rolled out to all Water Treatment customers with plans to rapidly
expand into the Water Hygiene and Environmental Services areas so that all documentation
will soon be available in electronic format.

Report processing is now virtually real time and uploaded securely via Bluetooth with a mobile phone.

Completed reports are e-mailed to clients using a bespoke format with copies being dropped into client folders on the Alchem website for retrieval if required.

The flexible formatting of the system means that data can be exported into spreadsheets to produce a suite of Management Reports.

Alchem’s electronic data capture allows hard copies of documents to be easily left on-site whilst real time uploads and processing offers the benefit of easy access to computer based filing systems and reports.

Alchem Industries personnel will work with clients to assess their reporting requirements whilst offering secure access to their reports quickly and efficiently.

Electronic reporting is quickly and easily set up so please talk to your Alchem representative today for more information or e-mail us for a free demonstration.
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