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Legionella management hot and cold water systems

Regulations require employers to monitor and record temperatures of hot and cold water systems and to keep suitable records of examinations, tests and repairs as a means of controlling legionella.

Some of the monitoring and inspections can be done in-house but depending on resources, you may want to delegate some of this work.

Hot and cold water services include cold water tanks, calorifiers, POU water heaters, combination water heaters, showers and spray taps, domestic base exchange softeners, TMV’s and expansion vessels. These need to be regularly inspected for temperature, cleanliness/operation and where applicable flushed.

Following the Legionella risk assessment and using the Written Scheme, Alchem will prepare a detailed Allocation of Responsibilities to ensure all tasks detailed in the Written Scheme are covered either by you or Alchem.

All our monitoring and inspection programmes are in accordance with the current ACOP(L-8) Code of Conduct and associated HSG274 part 2 technical guidance.

Each individual member of our water hygiene team is continuously checked for competency. They are assessed on knowledge, skills and attitude as well as in a practical way by means of on-the-job assessment.

Monitoring and inspection programmes start in the office with implementation of the Written Scheme and planning of the work. It finishes with either a hard copy or on-line reporting of results and regular reviews.
• weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets

• monthly recording of hot water temperature in sentinel taps

• monthly recording of hot water temperatures in return legs of
  subordinate loops

• monthly recording of cold water temperature in sentinel taps and at
  long branches

• Monthly recording of calorifier flow and return temperatures

• annual inspection and flushing calorifier

• thermal disinfection calorifier

• annual temperature profile

• monthly to 6-monthly temperature of POU water heaters

• monthly outlet temperature at combination water heater

• annual header tank inspection of combination water heater

• header tank cleaning and disinfection

• annual cold water tank temperature

• annual cold water tank inspection

• cold water tank cleaning and disinfection

• quarterly clean of showerheads

• quarterly clean of spray taps

• annual inspection and cleaning TMV’s

• monthly to six monthly flushing of expansion vessels

• quarterly cleaning and disinfection of emergency shower heads

• Flushing through of emergency showers, eyebaths and face-wash
   fountains at least 6-monthly.

• legionella sampling

• water hygiene screening

• (where fitted) inspect water storage tanks feeding the emergency
   showers, eyebaths and face-wash fountains on a monthly basis.
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