ACOP(L-8) Cleaning and disinfection cooling tower systems
In accordance with L-8 guidelines, cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers should be undertaken at least twice a year. In general thorough cleaning and disinfection of a cooling tower is achieved by removal of the cooling tower pack. Where it is not reasonably practicable to remove the pack, in-situ foam cleaning can be carried out . Alchem Industries have a specialized PackCleanse range of products available for this application.

Domestic water services
H.S.E. guidance recommends that you inspect cold water storage tanks on an annual basis. Tanks should be drained, cleaned and disinfected if considered necessary. Alchem Industries provide a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection package in accordance with current Health and Safety requirements.

Precommission cleaning
System contaminants such as millscale, jointing compounds and building debris will inevitably be found in newly fabricated pipework systems. If allowed to remain in the system in sufficient quantity these contaminants will make the system prone to blockage at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers. They may also initiate further corrosion and encourage the growth of micro-organisms.

All precommission cleaning of heating, chilled and cooling systems are  undertaken in accordance with BSRIA BG29/2012.
Flushing and sterilisation of new building domestic water services is carried out in accordance with BS8558 requirements.

Specialist descaling and chemical cleaning
Deposits on heat transfer surfaces in boilers, process heat exchangers or heating/cooling systems reduce their efficiency resulting in high energy costs or production loss. By removing these deposits, maximum system efficiency can be regained.

Acid cleaning involves the circulation of acid at a predetermined concentration and can be used for the removal of unwanted oxides and deposited scales from pipe surfaces.
The most commonly used acids for the removal of oxides from ferrous materials are inhibited hydrochloric acid, inhibited sulphamic acid or citric acid. Other chemicals  may also be used for this purpose depending on system metallurgy and design.

Chemical degreasing and passivation
Stainless steel parts, equipment and systems require careful preparation before being taken into service for the production of food or pharmaceutical products.
All contaminants must be removed and the surfaces passivated. Validation tests and verification is carried out in accordance with ASTM A380 and A967 specifications.
Services and Products - Environmental Services
Alchem Industries operate our own environmental services team and only use subcontracted labour in very specific cases and when requested by the customer.

Our staff will come fully prepared with Engineering Services Skillcard, national SAFEcontractor status, Confined Space training and site specific risk assessments.

Handling of chemicals will only be carried out by technicians who are suitably qualified, experienced and trained.

Safety is our number 1 priority in all aspects of our operations.

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