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Water softeners
Base exchange water softeners are designed to remove scale-forming salts from incoming water to assist in the prevention of scale/deposits in boiler, cooling and closed systems. Our range of units can meet all types of industrial demands. We will provide a specialist service which includes the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing for all our applications.

Reverse osmosis

The use of Reverse Osmosis to treat boiler make-up supplies can offer significant operational savings in both,  water and energy costs, thus enhancing our client’s environmental compliance. In addition the use of the R.O. approach for key process waters can also offer major cost savings.

Alchem Industries can deliver a full package to include cost justification and return on investment projects, design, supply, installation, commissioning and on-going service packages.
Chemical dosing and control packages
Continuous application and control of the recommended chemical treatment programme is critical in delivering optimum results in terms of plant protection, environmental compliance and efficient system operation.

Therefore the correct dosing and control equipment must be utilised in order to achieve the above performance with the minimum of manual input. Alchem Industries can provide dosing and control system to meet all types of water systems..

We offer a full design service to achieve all-round dosing and control to meet sites full specification. Features such as remote monitoring, data logging and electronic logbooks can all be included into the Alchem Industries schemes.
No drums are left on site and site personnel do not have to handle our chemical products: Any environmental and health and safety issues regarding drum disposal and chemical leakage are therefore removed.

Chlorine dioxide treatments
The application of chlorine dioxide has become a recognised procedure for the residual treatment of domestic and potable water systems together with vegetable washing, brewery water and other similar industrial processes.
Chemical delivery system
Chemicals are delivered to site within 5 working days. Our chemical delivery system is operated by Alchem staff and therefore removes the chemical handling challenges from site personnel.
Alchem Industries supply all plant, equipment and expertise needed by our clients, to manage and control their water treatment programmes automatically, without the constant attention of site personnel.
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