Throughout industry there are a variety of closed water systems, such as chilled water, low- medium-high pressure hot water and air cooled cooling systems, that are critical in the safe and efficient operation of manufacturing processes.

In addition, institutional and commercial properties can have extensive closed heating and air conditioning systems which are an integral part of the building structure.
Alchem Industries can provide a tailor-made programme which will include chemicals and service to optimise protection and operation of all types of closed systems including those containing aluminum.
Closed water systems are designed to distribute heated or chilled water to a designated area. These systems are susceptible to corrosion, microbiological infection and sludge formation.

The rate of attack depends upon many factors including temperature, pH, dissolved gasses, dissolved solids, suspended solids and chemical inhibitor reserves.

The British Standards BSRIA guide BG50/2013 and BS2486 define incorrect, unsuitable or badly controlled water treatment products as a major cause of corrosion in these systems, leading to premature failure.

Services and Products - Closed System Water Treatment
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